5 lessons from French innovation teams

Through a four-year project called "La Transfo," ten cities in France built innovation labs to experiment with new ways of solving local problems. Here's five things they learned.

Crafting policy to guide the use of surveillance technology

Name: Amanda Darcangelo Title: Data Engineer City: Syracuse, N.Y.

Building a data culture in City Hall

Name: Harsha Mallajosyula Title: Chief Data Officer City: Paterson, N.J.

How networks between cities can foster faster and better innovation

Cities are learning from each other in their responses to COVID-19.

Guidebook: How to build an ADU

While every city is different, the different ways cities tackle crises have lessons for each other. Here Los Angeles and its Bloomberg Philanthropies i-team share their insight in building accessory dwelling units to add to the cities tight housing stock.

Explainer: Why innovative cities are adapting time-tested research methods

In order to solve tough city problems like homelessness or blight, you need to know what’s causing them. That sounds obvious.

Explainer: What is prototyping?

Whether it’s the car you drive or the smartphone in your pocket, most of the products and services you use today went through many rounds of prototyping, testing, and iterative development before t

Explainer: What is ‘human-centered design’?

If you’re hearing more people around local government talk about “human-centered design” lately, that’s a good thing.