The Bloomberg Philanthropies City Data Alliance

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What is City Data Alliance?


The Bloomberg Philanthropies City Data Alliance works with mayors and cities across the Americas to provide executive education and coaching on how to leverage data to strengthen local government operations, innovate public services, and produce better outcomes for residents including improving access to health care, reimagining waste management systems, expanding affordable housing, or combatting homelessness. The suite of supports provided to cities in the City Data Alliance helps mayors and their senior teams deepen their use of data to inform decisions, transform systems, understand impact, and communicate results. 

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Mayors in the Bloomberg Philanthropies City Data Alliance commit to using data for the public good.


On May 16, 2023, mayors in the second group of the City Data Alliance, which includes 11 U.S. and 9 Latin American cities, released a co-signed declaration, committing to using data to better understand resident feedback and more effectively deliver on community needs.