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Future watch: What's next for behavioral 'nudges'? Here's what the experts say

Behavioral science has come a long way in local government in less than a decade. Yet local leaders have only scratched the surface of what they can do with 'nudges' and other ways of applying behavioral science in their work. To learn what's coming next in nudges—and how city leaders can get there—Bloomberg Cities caught up with David Halpern, CEO of the Behavioral Insights Team, and another luminary in the field, Elizabeth Linos, an Assistant Professor of Public Policy and the founder of The People Lab at the University of California, Berkeley.

Bringing residents deeper into decision making

Kelly LaFrankie serves as innovation lead for a team of Cincinnati city leaders participating in Bloomberg Philanthropies' Innovation Training program. They're working to make sure that underrepresented voices have a big say in the comprehensive community engagement plan the city is developing.