Kigali, Rwanda

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Our project will actively engage residents in ongoing informal settlements upgrading projects, helping them to leverage green technology to harvest rainwater as an alternative source to meet their daily water needs in addition to providing them with smart waste management facilities." 

Mayor Pudence Rubingisa

Improving sanitation and water quality

Residents living in Kigali’s informal settlements are burdened by the compounding challenges of unsanitary water, sanitation, and hygiene services, as well as disproportionately high costs of maintaining these utilities. In response, the city is introducing a comprehensive solution that utilizes Dutch innovations on stormwater capture and flood mitigation, and introduces smart waste-sensor technologies in the new context of informal settlements. The system reduces residents’ dependency on commercial water and keeps solid waste from polluting the water supply, decreasing the municipality's spending on costly infrastructure repairs after a flood. 

Kigali, Rwanda

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