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What are good practices to demonstrate the benefits of SLCGP funding on projects in existing or new cybersecurity plans?

An eligible entity can greatly benefit from the State and Local Cybersecurity Grant Program (“SLCGP”) by partnering with one or more other eligible entities to form a multi-entity group.[1] Such a partnership could result in cost savings for the partnering entities equaling 10 percent, as there is no cost share requirement for multi-entity projects during Fiscal Year 2022.[2] Partnerships between multiple diverse entities can also yield several additional benefits, including information sharing that can help improve existing cybersecurity plans, and access to combined resources that can help inform the creation of new plans. Partnerships also allow smaller entities to participate in parts of the procurement process which they may not have otherwise had access to, including benefits associated with major acquisitions.[3] Simultaneously, all participating parties to a multi-entity grant may realize cost savings because of volume purchases.[4] Combining resources through partnerships may also facilitate timely development, prioritization, and implementation of projects by eliminating duplication of efforts and aiding in the identification of planning gaps.

Last Updated: October 31, 2022

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