CityLab Masthead

What is CityLab?

Bloomberg CityLab, the preeminent global cities summit organized by Bloomberg Philanthropies in partnership with the Aspen Institute, brings together global mayors alongside prominent city innovators, business leaders, urban experts, artists, and activists to discuss and discover replicable solutions to pressing issues—from leading their communities through pandemic recovery to welcoming refugees from global conflicts to combating climate change.

Who is CityLab For?

Bloomberg CityLab is for city leaders and experts focused on doubling down on innovation to find and replicate the best solutions for cities’ most urgent concerns such as strengthening education; advancing social justice; fortifying transportation; bolstering the arts; and increasing public trust and social cohesion. 

Where is CityLab?

Every year, CityLab is hosted by one of the world’s most innovative city’s. Last year’s summit was held in Amsterdam  and focused on the shared hurdles and possibilities faced by cities and towns as they look toward recovery and create opportunities for people and communities to thrive.
Past CityLab summits have been hosted in New York City, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Detroit, and Washington, D.C.


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