Sharing Winning Mayors Challenge Ideas

As city leaders everywhere continue to innovate to tackle the toughest of urban challenges, not every problem requires a brand-new solution.

Here is a selection of Mayors Challenge-winning ideas already working in cities around the world—each of them ripe for modeling solutions of your own.  

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Help Children Commute Safely

Bogotá, Colombia | 2016 Mayors Challenge Winner

Make Business Licensing More Efficient and Transparent

Guadalajara, Mexico | 2016 Mayors Challenge Winner

Support the Mental and Physical Wellness of First Responders

Huntington, WV, USA | 2018 Mayors Challenge Winner

Promote Financial Inclusion

Medellín, Colombia | 2016 Mayors Challenge Winner

Tackle Childhood Obesity Through Play

Santiago, Chile | 2016 Mayors Challenge Winner

Promote Sustainable Farming and Tackle Inequality

São Paulo, Brazil | 2016 Mayors Challenge Winner