Fort Collins looks far into the future to be more innovative today

The Colorado city’s “Futures Committee” has one job: Look ahead to challenges and opportunities lying 20, 50, or even 100 years down the road.

When innovation is everyone’s job

City leaders responded to the pandemic by innovating like never before. To keep up the momentum, they'll need to keep expanding the number of city employees who see themselves as innovators. Here are five strategies they can use to do just that.

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You don’t have to like austerity to embrace it. The key is to involve residents in the process.

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Solution Spotlight: Turning garden waste into a carbon sink in Stockholm

In the fight against climate change, Stockholm is looking to an unusual place: fallen tree branches and other garden waste from

How better digital services can build trust in local government

Cities across the U.S. and around the world are finding that the tools of digital transformation—specifically, getting frequent feedback from users—helps put residents at the center of their efforts to improve services. 

Mastering the art of ‘possibility government'

Can government still solve big problems? In a new book, Mitch Weiss says it can—and explains what city leaders must do to get there.