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How better digital services can build trust in local government

Cities across the U.S. and around the world are finding that the tools of digital transformation—specifically, getting frequent feedback from users—helps put residents at the center of their efforts to improve services. 

Mastering the art of ‘possibility government'

Can government still solve big problems? In a new book, Mitch Weiss says it can—and explains what city leaders must do to get there.

Vaccines: How cities can support (and fix) rollout efforts

While mayors can’t fix the current scarcity of COVID-19 vaccines, they’re finding ways to beef up local distribution systems. The goal: to vaccinate residents at full speed and with equity front-and-center as supply catches up with demand. 

A mayors' guide to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout

While federal, state, and county authorities manage significant portions of the vaccine delivery chain, city leaders play key roles. This module of our COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit provides an overview of what mayors should do to ensure an effective and equitable distribution of vaccines. 

February 3, 2021

Explainer: What is a ‘randomized control trial’ and why are a growing number of local governments using them?

Randomized control trials are increasingly seen in city halls as a critical innovation tool that can help city leaders experiment safely and build programs based on evidence that they work. 

Vaccine data to watch

To achieve an effective and equitable vaccination rollout, mayors need access to meaningful, high-quality, and timely data. This module of our COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit lays out what data local leaders need to track in order to make decisions and advocate for their city.

Mayors: Using data effectively is saving lives during the pandemic

Mayors of three cities that are among the best at using data say COVID-19 is elevating their use of data in decision-making and underscoring the ways they can bring data to bear on their most pressing concerns. 

Building a data culture in City Hall

Name: Harsha Mallajosyula Title: Chief Data Officer City: Paterson, N.J.