Cities double down on innovation, even as they tighten their belts

Budgets are tighter than perhaps ever before, but local leaders are still finding ways to build innovation capacity throughout their city halls

10 innovators who are raising the bar in the fight against COVID-19

For all the dark moments we’ve collectively experienced in the COVID era, city halls’ responses to the pandemic have been both enlightening and inspiring.

Crisis leadership lessons for mayors

Hundreds of mayors and municipal leaders from across the United States and around the world have been meeting with experts from Harvard and Johns Hopkins universities for guidance as they manage their cities’ responses to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

How to reopen culture during COVID

When COVID-19 hit, cities across the country closed the doors to cultural centers to help stop the spread of the virus. It was an essential move to safeguard the public’s health, but it also put many cultural institutions in precarious economic situations and cut residents off from some of what’s best about being in a city. Here, Bloomberg Philanthropies outlines key steps cities and cultural centers can take to reopen their doors safely.

How street design can speed the road to recovery

Streets for Pandemic Response and Recovery compiles emerging practices from around the world and includes implementation resources for cities and their partners.

Critical tools for crisis comms

For the people who run city hall communications shops, the COVID-19 crisis means managing head-spinning announcements and never-ending news cycles, all, in many cases, while working from home.

To support city communications directors and leads through this challenging time, Bloomberg Philanthropies created the COVID-19 Communications Module, which offers insights and recommendations about how to staff and organize comms teams in a crisis, along with a set of tools and templates they can customize for day-to-day tasks like fielding the surge of media inquiries or shooting video for social media.

Action items for transit innovators

City governments and transit agencies are on the front lines of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and are rapidly developing policies and projects for this emergency.

How Philadelphia is cracking the code for measuring mask compliance

For all of this year’s discussion around facemask mandat

How flu-shot campaigns can be a dry run for a COVID vaccine

While all eyes are on the development of a COVID vaccine, cities are turning their immediate focus to ramping up vaccination campaigns for seasonal influenza.

Expert to mayors: Masking up is a ‘pillar of pandemic control’

In the fight against COVID-19, mayors have been on the front lines of encouraging the public to wear face masks, and often